Artie L. Shelton, M.D.

Photos and text used with permission of
Dr. Artie L. Shelton.

"It was indeed my pleasure to serve as a consumer reviewer for the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program Peer Review for the Prostate Cancer Research Program. But more so, it was my distinct honor and privilege to serve with the expert scientists and clinicians on the panel to review proposals. As a consumer reviewer, I was given the opportunity as a lay cancer expert to assess both the nonscientific and scientific aspects of the same proposals.

"As a retired military physician and prostate cancer survivor, I thought that my medical background would be an asset in reviewing the proposals; to a certain extent it was. However, I quickly became aware that the professional training and focus of the scientific peer reviewers gave them a different perspective that as a clinician I would have overlooked.

"I have the greatest admiration and respect for the scientific community for their dedicated professionalism and sacrifice in their efforts to find a cure for prostate cancer. In 1971, President Nixon declared 'War on Cancer.' With the knowledge and perseverance of the scientists that I had the distinct honor of working with, I feel that in the very near future we should be able to declare a VICTORY in the war against cancer.

"The scientific work of these brilliant scientists and researchers will ensure that our sons, grandsons, brothers, and uncles will not have to endure the plight of prostate cancer and will beat this killer. I believe every man on this journey shares this goal."

Last updated Thursday, May 26, 2022