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Joint Warfighter Medical Program Annual Report
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The Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program (JWMRP) was established in Fiscal Year 2012 to specifically support the logical continuation of Department of Defense (DOD) funded medical research and development projects, making it unique among CDMRP programs. Per Congressional language, JWMRP funds may not be used for new projects or basic research, but instead they are intended to augment and accelerate projects that address high-priority medical requirements to meet the needs of Service Members and other Military Health System beneficiaries.

The JWMRP also uniquely funds science and technology (S&T) projects to mature those efforts and feed the pipeline toward advanced development, in addition to advanced technology development efforts from across the Services to facilitate further maturation of promising medical solutions through the acquisition process to get products to the Warfighter. S&T projects focus on the demonstration and validation of performance parameters of potential products to support their transition toward clinical utility, whereas projects in advanced technology development are centered on the systematic application of knowledge toward the production of potential medical solutions.

The program obtains input into its overarching and Service-specific priorities or areas of focus by coordinating with stakeholders from the Defense Health Agency, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Operations Command who review research and development gaps, funding shortfalls in their core programs, and unfinanced medical requirements.

To be considered for JWMRP funding, research and product development efforts must address at least one of the priority areas determined at the program’s annual vision setting. The military medical research areas recently supported by the program, along with the types of research projects by scientific classification, are summarized in the JWMRP program booklet. To date, the JWMRP has supported research projects across a wide range of research topics and disciplines and has included product development efforts in drug, vaccine, and device development. JWMRP-funded projects span late-stage preclinical work, late-stage technology development and demonstration, translational research, clinical research/observational studies, and all phases of clinical trials/interventional studies, as well as the development of knowledge products in support of clinical practices.

The JWMRP offers a pathway for transitioning promising military-relevant medical solutions from the laboratory toward the clinic for the benefit of our Service Members, beneficiaries, and consequently the American public.

Congressional Appropriations

Congressional Appropriations

  • $570 million
  • $25 million

Funding Summary


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