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The Joint Program Committee-2/Military Infectious Diseases Research Program (JPC-2/MIDRP) supports research and development leading to the fielding of effective, improved means of bacterial, parasitic and viral infection prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment to maintain maximal global operational capability with minimal morbidity and mortality. JPC-2/MIDRP's Defense Health Agency aligned mission is focused on the following research portfolio area:

  • Polytrauma and Blast Injury

JPC-2/MIDRP's DHP core research program aligned projects are primarily within the portfolio task areas of Wound Infection Prevention and Management and Antimicrobial Countermeasures. Supported research efforts focus on the development of host immune response and pathogen biomarkers associated with wound infection to inform clinical decisions, the development of tools for early detection of drug-resistant organisms, identification of nosocomial pathogens, and characterization of antimicrobial resistance patterns, as well as the development of novel and innovative delivery technologies to treat wound infections. This research also emphasizes treatment, with research involving the identification of druggable targets against wound infection pathogens & biofilm processes, the transition of new candidate therapeutics to preclinical testing, and the advancement of promising early leads to first in human clinical trials. Additional information about JPC-2/MIDRP is available at:

Last updated Thursday, January 12, 2023