Fred Blanchard

Photos and text used with permission of
Mr. Fred Blanchard.

Why do you believe prostate cancer research has value?

When we ask how we can get rid of this disease, scientific research, such as that funded by the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program, provides answers. If this question had not been asked about polio and diphtheria, we would continue to have countless deaths attributable to these diseases. One can only imagine the extended life expectancy, reduced human suffering and countless savings for medical care when the cause and effective treatment for prostate cancer are realized.

Why is prostate cancer awareness important to you?

Awareness is the key to detection and survival. Until the cause (or causes) is discovered and confirmed by research, survival can only be enhanced by educating men and their families about the importance of early detection, symptoms, healthy lifestyles and where to find assistance. Health education for all is the route to awareness.

As an African American prostate cancer survivor and a Vietnam veteran, I find it difficult to believe that the exorbitant rate of prostate cancer among Black males is not considered an issue to be dealt with on an urgent basis at a national level. There needs to be considered a program to better educate the undereducated and discuss lifestyles which may contribute to the disparity indicated by national rates by ethnicity. The information exists to support an effort to reduce this suffering and loss of lives. Now is the time to elevate prostate cancer awareness.

Last updated Thursday, May 26, 2022