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Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)

The CDMRP originated in 1992 via a Congressional appropriation to foster novel approaches to biomedical research in response to the expressed needs of its stakeholders-the American public, the military, and Congress.

Hallmarks of the CDMRP include:
  • investing in groundbreaking research
  • targeting critical gaps
  • reviewing application using a two-tier formal review with no standing peer review panels and no "pay line"
  • involving consumer advocates throughout the program cycle
  • supporting both the next generation of researchers and established scientists.
  • funding the full pipeline of research development, including basic, translational, and clinical research.
  • fostering (or employing) collaboration and synergy

The CDMRP fills research gaps by funding high impact, high risk and high gain projects that other agencies may not venture to fund. While individual programs are unique in their focus, all of the programs managed by the CDMRP share the common goal of advancing paradigm shifting research, solutions that will lead to cures or improvements in patient care, or breakthrough technologies and resources for clinical benefit. The CDMRP strives to transform health care for Service Members and the American public through innovative and impactful research.

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Last updated Tuesday, July 2, 2024