Released: May 23, 2018

Public Service Announcement

Immediate Changes in System for Award Management (SAM) Registration Process (28 Mar 18)
Interested Parties: New Contractor SAM Registrants and Existing SAM Registered Contractors

In March 2018, the General Services Administration (GSA) implemented fraud prevention security measures in the System for Award Management (SAM) which required every new contractor registrant to provide a written (hard copy), notarized letter confirming the entity's Administrator that is authorized to register the entity in the SAM database, or to make changes to its registration. Effective 29 April 2018, the notarized letter process is now mandatory on all CURRENT registrants at SAM who have a requirement to update data on their SAM record. The notarized letter is mandatory and is required before the GSA Federal Service Desk (FSD) will activate the entity's registration. The Office of the Secretary of Defense and GSA realizes the length of time needed to transmit, receive, process, and approve the notarized letters presents a significant impact on the ability of the contracting activity to make timely awards, but in order to mitigate the concern of fraud, these steps and the time needed for processing, is unavoidable. Notarized letters are required for ALL new and existing SAM registered Entities. The notarized letters must be postal service mailed (not emailed or faxed) to the "Federal Service Desk" and must contain the information outlined in the SAM posted FAQ at:

Instructions for domestic entities and instructions for international entities with embedded templates for use are also provided within the SAM Update notice with frequently asked questions at:

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