Released: April 6, 2011

Department of Defense
Defense Medical Research and Development Program
Funding Opportunities for Fiscal Year 2012

Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) funds from the Defense Health Program Research and Development Appropriation will provide for clinical trial research through the Defense Medical Research and Development Program (DMRDP). The DMRDP is focused on supporting research that will advance the state of medical science in those areas of most pressing need and relevance to today's battlefield experience. The funding opportunities outlined below will be administered by the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) through the Office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP).

Congressional funds for the FY12 Defense Health Program have not yet been appropriated. However, the DMRDP is providing information in this pre-announcement to allow investigators time to plan and develop applications. This pre-announcement should not be construed as an obligation by the government.

The FY12 DMRDP Program Announcement and General Application Instructions for the following award mechanism is anticipated to be posted on in April 2011. Additional funding mechanisms may be released at a later date.

Award Mechanism Eligibility Key Mechanism Elements Funding
Clinical Trial Award - Regenerative Medicine, Pain, Sensory System Independent investigators at all academic levels (or equivalent)
  • Supports Phase 0, I or II clinical trials, or Class I, II or III device trials
  • Proposed projects should be designed to demonstrate safety and efficacy of novel therapies and diagnostics in humans
  • Applications should be responsive to the focus areas to be included in the program announcement in the fields of regenerative medicine, pain, vision, hearing, and balance
  • Studies must be responsive to healthcare needs of military service members and/or veterans suffering from debilitating injuries of the extremities, skin, sensory systems, or craniomaxillofacial area due to combat-related trauma.
  • Preliminary data are required
  • Clinical trials are expected to be initiated within 12 months of the award date
  • Proposals involving multidisciplinary collaborations among academia, industry, the military services, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other agencies are highly encouraged.
  • Maximum funding of $2 Million (M) for direct costs
  • The maximum period of performance is 4 years
  • Anticipate 5-6 awards

Information in this pre-announcement is being provided to allow investigators time to plan and develop applications. The government reserves the right to make changes to the award mechanism offered and the mechanism elements if necessary. All applications must conform to the final program announcement and application instructions that will be available for electronic downloading from the website in April 2011. The application package containing the required forms for the award mechanism will also be found on A listing of all USAMRMC funding opportunities can be obtained on the website by performing a basic search using CDFA number 12.420.

A pre-application is required and must be submitted through the CDMRP eReceipt website ( prior to the pre-application deadline. Applications must be submitted through the federal government's single-entry portal,

Requests for email notification of the release of Program Announcements may be sent to For more information about the DMRDP or other CDMRP-administered programs, please visit the CDMRP website (

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