Released: January 12, 2010

Department of Defense Bone Marrow Failure Research Program
Funding for Fiscal Year 2010

The Fiscal Year 2010 (FY10) Defense Appropriations Act provides $3.75 million to the Department of Defense Bone Marrow Failure Research Program (BMFRP) to understand and cure bone marrow failure diseases. The BMFRP challenges the scientific community to design innovative research that will advance the understanding of inherited and acquired bone marrow failure diseases, to improve the health and life of individuals living with these diseases, with the ultimate goal of prevention and/or cure. This program is administered by the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command through the Office of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP).

The FY10 BMFRP award mechanisms are listed in the table below. Mechanism-specific Program Announcements/Funding Opportunities, including submission deadlines, and General Application Instructions are anticipated to be posted on the and CDMRP websites ( and, respectively) in late January/early February 2010.

Award Mechanism Eligibility Key Mechanism Elements Funding
Exploration - Hypothesis Development Award All Investigators
  • Supports initial exploration of innovative, untested, high-risk, potentially high-gain, and possibly groundbreaking concept
  • Maximum funding of $100,000 in direct costs (plus indirect costs)
  • Maximum Period of performance is 18 months
  • Anticipate 6 awards
New Investigator Award Assistant Professor (or equivalent) and within 6 years at current academic level
  • Supports innovative research and the career transition and/or continued development of investigators in the early stages of their careers
  • Scientific and career goals in bone marrow failure research should be addressed
  • Preliminary data are not required, but are allowed
  • Preliminary data and/or published data relevant to the proposed project should be included
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Maximum funding of $400,000 in direct costs (plus indirect costs)
  • Maximum Period of performance is 3 years
  • Anticipate 4 awards

Information in this press release regarding the Exploration - Hypothesis Development Award and the Therapeutic Development Award mechanisms is being provided to allow investigators time to plan and develop applications. All applications submitted must conform to the requirements specified in the Program Announcements/Funding Opportunities, which will be posted on at a later date. Pre-application and application deadlines will not be available until these program announcements are released.

The number of awards anticipated is based on available funds and the average cost of applications. The BMFRP reserves the right to make awards in greater or lesser numbers than anticipated based on the number and quality of applications received. Each Program Announcement/Funding Opportunity and the General Application Instructions, which detail the pre-application and application submission requirements and process, along with the required forms for application submission, will be available for downloading from the website ( upon release.

Pre-application submission to the CDMRP eReceipt website prior to application submission is required for all award mechanisms. Applications must be submitted through the US Federal Government's single-entry portal, submitted through the federal government's single-entry portal, ( Pre-application and application submission deadlines will be listed in the Program Announcement/Funding Opportunity.

Requests for email notification of the Program Announcements release may be sent to For more information about the BMFRP or other CDMRP-sponsored programs, please visit the CDMRP website CDMRP website (

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