U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

June 17, 2002

Department of Defense (DOD) Prostate Cancer Research Program News Release

Points of Contact:
Gail Whitehead, Public Affairs Coordinator, phone (301) 619-7071;
Leo Giambarresi, Ph.D., Prostate Cancer Research Program Manager, phone: (301) 619-7071

The fiscal year 2001 (FY01) Department of Defense (DOD) Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) adds 204 new research projects directed toward the eradication of prostate cancer with more on the way for FY02.

The $100 million (M) FY01 appropriation from Congress has allowed the DOD PCRP to support 204 new research projects from top scientists in the United States and abroad. All projects are directed toward conquering prostate cancer or improving quality of life for prostate cancer survivors. The projects being funded include:

  • 97 research projects that provide support for scientists and clinicians in the early stages of their careers to pursue innovative ideas and approaches relevant to prostate cancer

  • 70 research projects that provide support for independent research scientists and clinicians to focus on prostate cancer

  • 27 research training projects that recruit talented new Ph.D.s and provide mentorships with experienced investigators in prostate cancer research

  • 5 projects that specifically address the problem of ethnic group disparity in prostate cancer incidence and mortality

  • 5 clinical trials specifically focused on novel therapeutic agents or treatments for both localized and advanced prostate cancer.

The FY02 congressional appropriation for the DOD PCRP is $85M. The FY02 program is well under way with over 700 proposals received in May 2002. An additional five proposals were received in June 2002 for the Prostate Cancer Consortium Awards. The Consortium Awards are large awards (up to $10M each) and represent goal- and product-driven research efforts that will bring together leading scientists and clinicians to focus on critical areas in prostate cancer with the goal of accelerating advances in the field.

The two-tier proposal review process for all proposals will be completed in October 2002. Prostate cancer consumer reviewers, nominated by local prostate cancer advocacy organizations, will review the proposals along with scientists during the competitive scientific peer review processes this summer. With the voice and vote of survivors at the table, these awards will reflect the urgent need for developing better diagnostic and treatment regimens and finding a cure of prostate cancer.

For more information about the DOD PCRP go to the web site Look under "search awards" for descriptions including an abstract for funded awards. The "consumer involvement" section contains information about local prostate cancer advocacy organizations providing consumer reviewers to the DOD PCRP. "Research highlights," which can be found on the home page, features new results from the DOD PCRP.