The list of Fiscal Year 2008 Deployment Related Medical Research Program Advanced Technology/Therapeutic Development Awards applications recommended for funding is for informational purposes only. Identification on the list of applications recommended for funding is not intended to either confer a right to funding nor does it guarantee funding. The award of federal funds to support any of these applications is contingent upon successful negotiations and applicable federal policy.

CaridianBCT Biotechnologies

Raymond Goodrich

Geneva Foundation

Gary Kamimori

Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Anthony Johnson

Johns Hopkins University

Morgana Trexler

Johns Hopkins University

Andrew Merkle

Massachusetts General Hospital

Hasan Alam

Massachusetts General Hospital

Irene Kochevar

Massachusetts General Hospital

David Sachs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hugh Herr

Northern California Institute for Research and Education

Thomas Neylan

Seattle Institute for Biomedical and Clinical Research

Glenn Klute

SFC Fluidics, LLC

Christine Evans

SRI International

Thomas Kilduff

T.R.U.E. Research Foundation

Brett Freedman

University of California, Irvine

Brian Wong

University of Michigan

Arthur Kuo

Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Michael Morykwas