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Research Resources Index booklet

Neurofibromatosis Research Program (NFRP) researchers can now utilize the newly released Research Resources Index booklet. This resource was created with a goal to facilitate and speed NF research by publicizing new resources and aiding collaborations. Between FY99-FY16, 118 total resources have been developed from 102 funded awards and 36% ($95,027,848) of initial funds invested have resulted in resource development. Resources include drosophila models, mouse models, zebrafish models, methods, yeast strains, rat models, databases and data sets, cell lines, antibodies, and cell and molecular bio tools.

Utilizing the Research Resources Book, researchers can access a full list of resources with active links to the Principal Investigators (PI) and award information. In addition to providing access to resources developed through our program, researchers can contact other sites, repositories, or the PI directly for information and requests.

Non NFRP Resources

To further encourage collaboration amongst NF researchers, the external links below are provided as added resources that have been made available by our partners who have a common goal of advancing NF research.

The Johns Hopkins NF1 Biospecimen Repository

Children’s Tumor Foundation Biobank

Children’s Tumor Foundation Discovery Toolbox

Information provided on this page, including external links and references, are not to be construed as endorsement by the DOD/CDMRP/NFRP.

Organizations with resources to share who wish to have information added to this page should contact the CDMRP Webmaster. Resources will only be added at the discretion of the NFRP.

Last updated Thursday, May 26, 2022