How to apply image CDMRP Application Process Overview Step 1: Submit a pre-application in eBRAP Step 2: Submit the application in Step 3: Application Verification in eBRAP

BO: Business official from applicant organization
PI: Principal Investigator from the applicant organization
eBRAP: CDMRPs Electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal
SAM: System of Award Management

***Please note: This information should not be construed as the official requirements for any specific application submission. For official requirements please refer to the specific Program Announcement (PA) or Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).***

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General Tips for Submission Success

  1. Download a copy of the PA/BAA from the CDMRP website (, eBRAP (, or
  2. Carefully read the PA/BAA to understand its key elements
  3. Start application submission early to allow adequate time to address issues that may arise during the process
  4. Adhere to PA/BAA timelines
  5. Ensure spelling of names and emails are correct and consistent throughout the process
  6. Remember that corrections to the project narrative and budget requires the application to be submitted through before the application submission deadline

Electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP)

  1. Subscribe to email notifications for specific research programs in eBRAP
  2. Register in eBRAP before applying
    1. User registration for Principal Investigator (PI), Business Official (BO), Account Administrator, Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)
    2. PI must invite their organization AOR and BO to register if not found in the drop down list
    3. PI must request to be affiliated with his/her organization (update affiliation as needed)

Step 1: Submit a pre-application in eBRAP (required!)

  1. Two types of pre-applications depending on award mechanism, LOI or pre-proposal
  2. Pre-application submission is MANDATORY and must be ON TIME
  3. Choose correct funding opportunity and "option"

Step 2: Submit the application in

  1. If the pre-application was a pre-proposal, an invitation is required
  2. Sponsored Program Office (or equivalent) submits through
  3. System-to-system submissions are sometimes problematic so start early
  4. Application submission must be ON TIME, no grace periods allowed
  5. Be aware/note the various requirements, i.e., limitation on file sizes, use of special characters, naming conventions, Adobe software compatibility, etc.
  6. Everyone working on the application package must use the same compatible version of Adobe software

Step 3: Application Verification in eBRAP

Researchers may review and modify allowable application components during the verification period specified in the PA or BAA.
  1. Applicants will receive an auto-email notification after eBRAP has processed the application
  2. validation may take up to 72 hours
  3. After validation and processing the applicant will receive an email notifying them the application is available for review and modification in eBRAP
  4. Affiliation with the submitting organization is required to be able to view and modify an application
  5. Review and modify allowable components - changes to the Project Narrative or Budget are not allowed in eBRAP
  6. Include eBRAP log number in application (SF424 (R&R) block 4a Federal Identifier)

Last updated Thursday, May 26, 2022