A pioneering, multi-institutional approach to eradicating breast cancer

The Breast Cancer Center of Excellence Award mechanism was established to encourage the formation of multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research programs that bring exceptional scientists, clinicians, and consumer advocates together to investigate an overarching research problem in breast cancer. Since 2001 the BCRP has funded 16 Centers totaling $136.9 Million.

2001 Breast Cancer Center of Excellence (COE) Awards

Dr. Myles A. Brown
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Prevention and Treatment of ER-Negative Breast Cancer
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Dr. Lynn C. Hartman
Mayo Clinic and Foundation
Benign Breast Disease: Toward Molecular Prediction of Breast Cancer Risk

Dr. Gabriel N. Hortobagyi
University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Development of Targeted Therapy Strategies for Breast Cancer

Dr. Bonnie F. Sloane
Wayne State University
Validation of Proteases as Therapeutic Targets in Breast Cancer: Functional Imaging of Protease Expression, Activity, and Inhibition

Dr. Nicole D. Urban
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Center for the Evaluation of Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

2002 Breast Cancer Center of Excellence Awards

Dr. Ercole L. Cavalieri
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Estrogen-Induced Depuriniation of DNA: A Novel Target for Breast Cancer Prevention

Dr. Laura J. Esserman
University of California, San Francisco
Blueprint for Regional Excellence in Breast Cancer Care

Dr. Peter Shields
Georgetown University
Molecular Epidemiology and Mechanisms for Breast Carcinogenesis: Alcohol Drinking as a Paradigm
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2003 Breast Cancer Center of Excellence Awards

Dr. Silvia C. Formenti
New York University School of Medicine
Response, Resistance, and Metastasis of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer in a Multiethnic Cohort

Dr. Michael Press
University of Southern California A Genetic, Molecular, and Structural Analysis of Hormonal Carcinogenesis

Dr. George W. Sledge
Indiana University
Center of Excellence for Individualization of Therapy for Breast Cancer
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Dr. Saraswati Sukumar
Johns Hopkins University
Center of Excellence in Molecular Targeting of Breast Cancer Metastasis

2004 Breast Cancer Center of Excellence Awards

Dr. Lewis A. Chodosh
University of Pennsylvania
Biological and Functional Imaging Approaches to Understanding Breast Cancer Metastasis, Progression, and Response to Therapy

Dr. Alfred I. Neugut
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Racial Disparities in the Initiation and Intensity of Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer

2005 Breast Cancer Center of Excellence Awards

Dr. Virgil Jordan
Institute for Cancer Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center
A New Therapeutic Paradigm for Breast Cancer Exploiting Low Dose Estrogen-induced Apoptosis

Dr. Patricia Steeg
T.R.U.E. Foundation
Studies Directed Toward the Eradication of Brain Metastases of Breast Cancer
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