Prostate Cancer Survivors and Advocates at IMPaCT

Honoring Men Touched by Prostate Cancer

The planning committee for the Innovative Minds in Prostate Cancer Today Meeting wanted to create a tribute at the meeting to men (and their families) whose lives have been affected by prostate cancer. We created a video loop from photos of survivors and those who have passed on and showed it on large plasma screens in the main hall of the meeting.

We invite you to view this moving video. It reminds us that even after a cancer diagnosis, people continue to live, laugh, and love.

Watch the Video (MS PowerPoint)

"I have been fighting PCa since 1991 and have been to many, many PCa meetings all over the country and this tops them all!"

- Bill Mitchell

Man sitting on a couch with three smiling young children and holding a baby

"The IMPaCT meeting was MOST impressive and I am thankful to have been invited."

- Ray Walsh

Man in black riding leathers sitting on a large motorcycle

"Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in the IMPaCT Program. I feel proud and privileged to have been there!"

- Glenn Spielman

Couple smiling for the camera. The woman has her arm around the man.

"I want to thank the Army Medical Research and Materiel Command for selecting me to attend this conference. It was a wonderful experience which I will remember all my life."

- Harry Rosenberg

Gray-bearded man standing in front of palm foliage

"I enjoyed the conference and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it."

- Raul Blasini

Tourist photo of a couple posing with a person in a bear costume. The photo has the title 'Juneau Alaska' across the top.

"You are doing things very well, and the taxpayers money is being spent on good things."

- Paul Totta

Last updated Thursday, May 26, 2022