FY22 Concept Award Cancer Research Continuum Option

The list of Fiscal Year 2022 Lung Cancer Research Program Concept Award Cancer Research Continuum Option applications recommended for funding is for informational purposes only. Identification on the list of applications recommended for funding is not intended to either confer a right to funding nor does it guarantee funding. The award of federal funds to support any of these applications is contingent upon successful negotiations and applicable federal policy.

Institution Principal Investigator
Beckman Research Institute of City of HopeMohamed Hammad
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiQin Yu
MD Anderson Cancer CenterJu-Seog Lee
MicroQuin, Ltd.Keith Robinson
Purdue UniversityAnn Kirchmaier
The Ohio State UniversityRamesh Ganju
University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesZhiqiang Qin
University of HoustonJiukuan Hao
University of Illinois at ChicagoTakeshi Shimamura
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at DallasElisabeth Martinez
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchMarie-Liesse Asselin-Labat

Last updated Wednesday, October 12, 2022