Dr. Wendy Sammons-Jackson
Co-Chair, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command; Acting Civilian Deputy Director, Defense Health Program (Research and Technology)

Dr. Patricia Reilly
Co-Chair, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command; Program Director, Defense Health Program Advanced Development and Transition, and Army Advanced Development Representative

Captain David Bacon
U.S. Navy Service Representative

Lieutenant Colonel Beverly Everly
U.S. Air Force Service Representative

Lieutenant Colonel Chad Vermillion
U.S. Special Operations Command Representative

Mr. Thomas Dunn
U.S. Navy Advanced Development Representative

Mr. Eddie Webb
U.S. Air Force Advanced Development Representative

Mr. Jeff Luciano
U.S. Special Operations Command Advanced Development Representative

Dr. Jonathan Miller
Defense Health Agency J9, Research and Development Directorate

Colonel Stuart Tyner
Military Infectious Diseases Research - Joint Program Committee 2

Commander Christopher Steele
Military Operational Medicine Research - Joint Program Committee 5

Commander Travis Polk
Combat Casualty Care Research - Joint Program Committee 6

Dr. Todd Jaszewski
Radiation Health Effects Research - Joint Program Committee 7

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