Sam Patrick U.S. Army Master Sgt. Sam Patrick, CRRP Peer Reviewer (Photo provided)

U.S. Army Master Sgt. Sam Patrick has served as a medic for his entire 19-year military career. In FY19 and FY20, Patrick served as a peer reviewer for the Combat Readiness-Medical Research Program (CRRP) within the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). As a peer reviewer, he provided insight as a combat medic to evaluate research proposals with the potential to greatly minimize the suffering and damage associated with combat trauma. Patrick notes that proposals focusing on process improvement of the medic, and military medical system, specifically, have a potential for a far-reaching positive effect.

Sam Patrick Jump Master Master Sgt. Patrick leading paratrooper training exercises (Photo provided)

“The CDMRP does a very good job focusing on the fact that military medicine is a continuum of care and doesn’t focus on one specific aspect of care,” Patrick said.

Patrick hopes future research funded by the CRRP will continue to improve the livelihood of Service Members and civilians alike, helping to ensure the highest level of care for critically injured patients. He also sees the research funded by CRRP as beneficial to the civilian population, as lessons learned in the military population often improve outcomes for others as well.

“The CDMRP is a critical, non-dilutive funding stream to innovative medical research that ensures the national health enterprise has the most relevant and up-to-date evidence-based medical practices,” Patrick said.

Patrick started out as a platoon medic with an infantry brigade. On his first deployment, he spent 17 months in Iraq and Kuwait, where he provided point-of-injury and sick-call care to a platoon of cavalry scouts and also treated many local nationals. In 2008, he was selected for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), where he served as a Special Operations Combat Medic, Special Operations Flight Medic, Special Operations Flight Medic Instructor, and Battalion Senior Enlisted Medical Advisor.

In the 160th SOAR, Patrick was responsible for providing en route care for Special Operations Forces units in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he specialized in point-of-injury trauma care, en route care of acutely injured combat casualties, and post-operative transport from far-forward surgical care. He also executed medical and casualty evacuation missions regularly. Patrick recently transitioned from the SOAR and currently serves as a Senior Enlisted Medical Advisor with the Washington Army National Guard. Additionally, Patrick serves as the training coordinator and tactical medicine instructor for the Western Regional Counterdrug Training Center, an organization that delivers counternarcotic training to federal, state, local, and tribal enforcement agencies. Throughout his transition to these roles, he has continued to maintain his certifications as a National Rated Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, Tactical Paramedic, and Special Operations Advanced Tactical Practitioner.

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Last updated Wednesday, January 4, 2023