FY22 Investigator-Initiated Research Award

The list of Fiscal Year 2022 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Investigator-Initiated Research Award applications recommended for funding is for informational purposes only. Identification on this list of applications recommended for funding is not intended to either confer a right to funding nor does it guarantee funding. The award of federal funds to support any of these applications is contingent upon successful negotiations and applicable federal policy.

Institution Principal Investigator
Boston Children's HospitalMichael Rogers
Columbia University Medical CenterHasan Abaci
Dartmouth CollegeJiang Gui
Harvard UniversityDragana Rogulja
Ocean State Research Institute, Inc.John McGeary
University of Alabama at BirminghamPrasanna Krishnamurthy
University of ArizonaMohab Ibrahim
University of California, San FranciscoTamara Alliston
University of Colorado DenverKatharina Hopp
University of Colorado DenverStephanie Nakano
University of FloridaCarl Pepine
University of KentuckyJonathan Satin
University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolJohn Donahue
University of Oklahoma Health Science CenterKelly Standifer
VaxSyna, Inc.Mary Pardhe
Washington University in St. LouisJames McAllister

Last updated Thursday, January 5, 2023