Fred Blanchard, Consumer Reviewer

What Is the Role of the Consumer Reviewer?

Consumers represent the collective views of survivors, patients, family members, and persons affected by and at risk for certain conditions, diseases or injuries. They read and evaluate research study applications for relevance to the consumer community's needs and concerns and actively participate in peer review panel discussions. They participate as a full member of the review panel, with full voting member status.

Life as a Consumer Reviewer

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You will be assigned to a peer review panel based on upcoming peer review dates and your availability. Novice consumer reviewers are generally paired with mentors, who along with staff will assist you through the entire process.

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Several weeks prior to the peer review meeting, you will
electronically receive a number of applications to read and
evaluate. For each assigned application you will prepare
written critiques on how the proposed research addresses
the consumer community's needs and concerns. These
applications are written at a scientific level and may
require some background reading (FAQ - resources).

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Travel, accommodations and meals are provided for all reviewers.
Reviewers are usually eligible for honoraria. Meetings usually
last up to three days and take place in the Washington, DC
metropolitan area.

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After attending a consumer orientation, you will sit on a peer
review panel at the peer review meeting, consisting of several
consumer reviewers and a number of scientists and clinician
reviewers, usually numbering 16 to 20 members. You will present
your views, and participate in discussion of applications.